Voice of the Shipibo

2013 Peru Service Trip

February 2013 Peru Volunteer Support Journey 

Shipibo Joi is inviting a small group of people on our next trip to work with the Shipibo on February 1, 2013.  This will be an amazing opportunity to interact intimately with the Shipibo and learn about their rich culture and beautiful spirit.  You will be able to travel with us by boat to Shipibo communities where you will meet traditional Shipibo doctors, Onayas (Shamans), midwives, and artesans.

The focus of this trip is to work with Shipibo artesans, who are typically Shipibas (women), to further develop our Shipibo Joi Peruvian team, to work on our Shipibo midwife initiative, and to pilot the Girls for the World program in a Shipibo community.  Service opportunities will include assisting in marketing workshops for the artesans, teaching basic computer skills, participating in talking circles, assisting with our Girls for the World retreat (sorry, women only)or documenting our various projects.

THIS IS NOT A GUIDED ECO-TOUR. You will need to be able to go with the flow, be flexible, adventurous, and open to new experiences.  In return you will be given a wonderful opportunity to be with the Shipibo people.  You will most likely find that you receive much more from being with the Shipibo than you give.   We will be in Peru for approximately 3 weeks.  We recommend that you plan a minimum of 10 days. You will have the option of participating in traditional ceremonies.


1.  A phone interview to make sure you are aligned with the mission of this trip and that we can mutually meet each others expectations.

Please email Mershona at mershona@gmail.com if you are interested in setting up a phone interview or have further questions.

2. A  heart donation to Shipibo Joi

We will assist you with travel information and reservations in Peru at a hotel in a Shipibo community as a “home base”.  Lodging is very reasonable (single room-$28/night, double room-$33/night).

You will be responsible for all of your travel costs, travel insurance, activities in Peru, lodging, and food.  Estimates for your total travel costs depend on where you are traveling from internationally and how long you decide to stay.  We can help you with this estimate.

Mershona Parshall is director of Shipibo Joi.  She is also a clinical social worker and art therapist

with a private practice in North East Ohio.


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