Voice of the Shipibo

Shipibo Joi

The mission of Shipibo Joi is to support the Shipibo people

to actualize their vision to conserve Shipibo ancestral land;

and to preserve their culture, language and traditional knowledge

for future generations through collaborative Shipibo directed projects.

Shipibo Joi recognizes the unique and meaningful contribution that traditional indigenous cultures offer the modern world regarding respect for our interdependence on, and interconnectedness with the natural world.  As one of the largest tribes in the Peruvian Amazon, the Shipibo Nation has maintained their rich traditions and ecological knowledge of the rainforest, however, the Shipibo people are facing many challenges as globalization and the resources of the rainforest are sought making this a critical moment in time.  Shipibo Joi is listening for the welfare of the Shipibo and bringing awareness to their situation.  Shipibo Joi also educates the public on the value of preserving indigenous knowledge, the natural resources of the rainforest, and the rights of first nations people, such as the Shipibo, to maintain their ancestral land.  Shipibo Joi supports Shipibo directed initiatives that promote environmental stewardship, sustainability, the biodiveristy of the rainforest, the preservation of Shipibo traditional knowledge, culture and language, and the welfare of the Shipibo people.

Shipbo Joi is a participant in FJC’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program. FJC is an IRS-recognized 501c3 organization;

as such, all contributions made in support of Shipbo Joi are fully deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Donations to Shipibo Joi can be made through our donate link on this page or made directly to FJC.

Step 1. Make your check payable to FJC

Step 2. Indicate the name of the Fund

Be sure to indicate Shipibo Joi in the check memo line.

Step 3. Be sure to provide your current mailing address

If your address is not preprinted on your checks, or if your check information is not up-to-date, please be sure to provide your current mailing address. We must have this information on file to issue you a tax receipt for your gift.

 Step 4. Checks should be mailed to FJC’s office at:

520 8th Avenue, 20th Floor

New York. New York 10018


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